Slitter knife machine knife machine blade

Application honeycomb cardboard
Material 9CrSi 、SKD11
Common size customize according to drawings

Slitting machine blade is used for sheet metal industry slitting equipment on a kind of slitting tool, because the upper and lower two sets of tools longitudinal bite slitting and named, generally using 9Cr2Mo, 9CrSi, Cr12MoV, 6CrW2Si, H13, h13K, as well as LD, high-speed steel, carbide made after a complete set of vacuum heat treatment, as well as deep cooling treatment, to ensure that the hardness of the uniformity

 Component parts: blade, rubber gasket, spacer.

 Use: The important components of the metal sheet slitting machine group are used for the slitting of thin sheet types, suitable for large steel manufacturing plants, steel pipe plants, non-ferrous metal processing plants, bundling material plants, cold tie plants, packaging material plants, steel plate processing service centers, steel sieve plants, strip steel plants, slitting machine manufacturers, etc.

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