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machine knife machine blade

Packing machine blade is suitable for most intermittent and splint type vertical packing machines. The blade is made of tool steel by wire cutting with stable quality. The blades include packaging machine toothed blade, paper pressing roller toothed blade, toothed opening blade, printing toothed blade, retractor toothed blade, toothed bag sealing cutter, etc.

  Blade types include crocodile teeth, wave teeth, moon teeth, straight teeth, triangular teeth, etc. Blade materials include high carbon steel, high speed steel, SKD-11, skh-9, skh-51, SK4, SK5, h13k, H13, LD, w6m5cr4v2, W18Cr4V, Cr12MoV, 9CrSi, etc.

  There are many kinds of blades for packaging machinery. Blades in some industries are available from stock. Non-standard blade products can be customized and processed according to product drawings, specifications, blade materials, HRC values and so on provided by customers.

  Thickness: 3-80mm (customized according to customer requirements)

  Materials: high carbon steel, high speed steel, tool steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, 65Mn, 9Crs, Cr12MoV, SKD-11, skh-51, 3Cr13, 9Cr18, SUS440C, 420J2, W6Mo5Cr4V2 and more.

  Features: sharp, durable, high hardness, good toughness.

  Suitable for: paper industry blades, steel metallurgy blades, rubber plastic industry blades, electronic industry blades, packaging industry blades, wood industry blades, food industry blades, textile industry blades, etc.

  Anhui Jialong Knives Manufacturing Co., Ltd is located in Bowang Special Economic Zone, with good location It’s about 25kms to Nanjing Lukou international airport. Nanjing-Hangzhou Expressway and Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway  is also nearby.

  We are very honor to get some guidance from some experts and elites in this industry. There have constantly ascension and breakthrough in independent researching special blade steel, optimization of heat treatment process and surface processing accuracy.

  Jialong’s products contain all-steel and inlay-steel, which are widely used in paper, plastic, rubber,leather,wood, textile and metal and etc industry,in cutting,crushing.chipping,coating and etc progresses.

  "Jialong" focus on making blades for decades, have accumulated lots of experiences, absorbed the essence of precision machining and grinding, established a special branch on 2013,to research and make the CNC machining center, Knife grinder, Precision grinding machine, Drilling milling machine and etc. Which lays the foundation for the quality improvement,and succeeded in the industrial transformation and upgrading.

  Good quality products and services have earned good reputation for “Jialong”.

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