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What material is used for paper cutter blades?

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     The blade of the paper cutter is made of forged material, which makes the blade sharp and durable. The blade can be produced according to the user's requirements. The material of this kind of blade is mainly high-speed steel (front steel). There are two kinds of blades made of full high-speed steel and inlaid with high-speed steel.

  1. Integral high speed steel: HSS for blade. The blade of this material has a sharp edge, a high surface finish and is not easy to rust.

  2. Inlaid high speed steel: the blade edge is inlaid welding high speed steel (front steel), and the blade body is carbon steel. The blade has sharp edge, stable steel performance, and the whole blade body is not easy to break. Precautions: the blade body is easy to rust, and the blade shall be kept clean after operation.

  3、Rolling high-speed steel: the high-temperature high-speed steel will be accurately rolled into the blade plate matrix with notch, which has high density and is not easy to fall off. The original grains are more refined and have strong resistance to avalanche. The combination of high-speed steel and matrix has no defects such as transition and gap, and the blade has no peeling. The service life and surface beauty are better than that of steel insert blade. (this kind of high-density welding technique will be superior to ordinary welding to a great extent. The blade produced by this technique has a longer service life and is not easy to fall off.)

  The above three main processes distinguish high-speed steel. However, different types of high-speed steel will also lead to different blade costs, resulting in different blade life, sharpness and shear effect. According to different cutting methods and products, blades are made of high-speed steel (W3, W4, 6542, W18Cr4V, M2, M35, M42, skh-9, skh-51) of different brands at home and abroad, with hardness up to 67 °

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