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Control system design of automatic circular saw blade sharpening machine

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     Different industries have different styles and functional requirements for the sharpeners. With the rapid development of woodworking machinery industry, wood cutting tools have been replaced by electric saw blades from traditional hand sawing machines. Electric saw blades will be put into the market in large quantities, which requires the development of a new generation of circular saw sharpeners with high energy.

  Because the traditional circular saw blade grinder mainly relies on manual operation, its control system is realized by gear, adjusting handle and sliding table. The operator uses handle sliding table to control the grinding stroke, which is not only labor-intensive, control accuracy is not high, but also prone to safety accidents in the working process. In this paper, the development of circular saw blade grinder in woodworking machinery industry is of great significance to promote the transformation and upgrading of woodworking machinery industry equipment.

  The executive mechanism of the automatic circular saw blade grinder is basically the same as that of the traditional grinder. The main difference is that the programmable controller is used in the system control circuit, which is composed of touch screen, solenoid valve, stepping motor driving module and frequency converter, etc. The control of the automatic sharpener is to input or modify the user program of the system through the programmable controller, which translates the user program into the target program code for internal CPU unit scanning. According to the input signal and the target program code of the user, the comprehensive processing is carried out, and the output signal is generated to control the action sequence and time sequence of the automatic sharpener to complete the sanding Technological requirements for wheel grinding saw blade.

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