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How to repair the tooth blade and tooth shaped blade after wearing for a period of time

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   After using the blade for a period of time, how to repair the worn part of the blade? A simple toothed blade, such as the blade of an open case machine, will not be damaged in general. However, if the blade is used for a long time and glue is stuck on it, it will wear the sword if it is not cleaned for a long time. Then the worn bar blade is removed from the knife clip, and sand paper or file and other tools are found. Use the file to swing the angle to rub the edge part of the line surface of the blade tip, and finally both sides The inclination should be fixed until the tip of the knife is very sharp. In the process of repairing, it's better to keep all the tips on the same line after finishing the repair. Do not make the height of the repair uneven. If the edge of the file is too rough, it can be polished with 2000 × sandpaper, so that the polished edge will be more delicate, sharper and durable.

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