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The purpose of shear blade welding is to firmly weld the blade to the shank

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Shear blades have become an integral part of people's lives. Shearer blades are associated with people's quality of life and promote finance. So what exactly is a shearer blade?

  Solder is used to firmly weld the blade to the shank.

Specifically, the solder is heated to a molten state, when the metal and the surface of the metal to be welded are continuously infiltrated with metal molecules, iron is dissolved in the liquid copper in the solder, and the copper diffuses into the iron along the grain boundaries of the iron.

Internally, this causes the solder to penetrate into the metal to be welded. The deeper the melt depth, the better the solder quality and the higher the bond strength.

If the solder melts and cannot be infiltrated by the solder, spots will appear on the solder surface and good solder joints will not be obtained.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right solder, to make some requirements for the solder, and to keep the surface of the solder metal flat. And clean.

   Solder requirements.

  (1) The melting point of the solder should not be too high, lower than the melting point of the shank at 40 - 600C, otherwise it will easily melt the shank and cause the blade to break. However, it should not be too low. If it is too low, it will affect the strength of the weld and the blade will be heated and flake off during the cutting process.

  (2) The solder should have good fluidity and wettability to ensure high strength V,t joints.

  (3) The solder should have sufficient toughness, and the welded seam can withstand intermittent cutting forces and impact loads.

  (4) The weld formed by the solder has *** plasticity, and in the welding process through the plastic deformation of the weld can eliminate part of the welding stress to reduce the generation of cracks.

  (5) The solder should not contain elements that can be easily swallowed. Otherwise, the elements will evaporate when heated at high temperatures, which can affect the strength of the weld and affect the health of the operator.

  (6) Low cost of solder.

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