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What is the knowledge of shaped blade cutting?

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What is the knowledge of shaped blade cutting?

1. Idle: Especially at the beginning when using new substrate, it needs to idle for about 30 minutes. In summer, high temperature season need to make water idle. The purpose is to further eliminate the impact on the substrate when welding the cutter head and to enhance the alloy saw blade when rotating at high speed. Keep the memory of the inherent quality.

2. The block material should be not less than 0.5m3 and should be firmly placed. The bottom surface should be filled with square wood. The plug should be firmly and firmly. The plug should be located symmetrically on the table to ensure the stability of the work cart and block material. Shaking.

3. Adjust the travel switch according to the length, width and height of the block material so that the saw blade lift and and bucket travel are within a reliable and effective range. Before cutting, the edge of the saw blade should be 10 to 20 mm from the block. After sawing, the edge of the saw should be 20-40 mm from the bottom of the block. The saw blade should be completely removed from the block before moving the saw blade from side to side. This distance should be no less than 150-200 mm to prevent the saw blade from colliding with the material.

4. The aluminum alloy saw blade can be tested after idling and stabilizing. When the edge of the saw blade is not in contact with the block material, the saw blade will not be activated. The saw blade is not allowed to rotate during the cutting process. The saw blade must be stopped after exiting it.

5. If an obstruction is found during the cutting process, the cutting should be stopped immediately. After the blocking material is firmly fixed, the work can be continued. During the cutting process, it is not allowed to move the block material at will.

6. When cutting, it is found that the saw blade has obvious deceleration or even clamping phenomenon. This may be due to belt slippage, loose compression nut or cutter depth is too large, cutting speed is too fast and other reasons, should be adjusted in a timely manner.

7. Line speed should be adapted to the hardness and wear resistance of the processed stone. It is recommended to choose different types of stone with the following line speed. Tip: When the line speed is not high, improve the cutting efficiency, which will shorten the life of the saw blade.

8. The feed speed depends mainly on the properties of the material to be processed. For each material, when the depth of cut is constant, there will be a range of entry speeds. If the speed is too high, the diamond will wear faster or even fall off, which will lead to saw blade consumption. Too fast, and if the speed is too low, the carbide saw blade will not work properly during automatic sharpening, thus "dulling, slipping" and losing cutting power. Under normal conditions, the feed rate should be slow when cutting. Cutting should be uniform. For common typical materials, when the depth of cut is 20mm, the following feed rate table is recommended as a reference. When the thickness is changed, the cutting speed can be converted by the cutting area (c㎡ / min). Hint: The initial feed or the first three steps of each plate should be halved.

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