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8 factors affecting the flatness of corrugated board

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The flatness of corrugated cardboard is one of the important indicators in carton production technology, which is directly related to the quality of product printing, die cutting or slotting and corner cutting. So what is the reason for the flatness of corrugated cardboard? Xiaobian analyzes this issue.  

  The main reason that affects the flatness of cardboard  

  1. The types and grades of inner and outer paper are different. There are imported and domestic kraft paper, imitation kraft paper, corrugated paper, tea board paper, high-strength corrugated paper, etc., and they are divided into A, B, C, D, E, grades. According to the poor quality of the paper, the surface paper is generally better than the inner paper.  

  2. The main technical parameters of the inner and outer paper are different. From the performance requirements of the carton or the user's consideration of reducing costs, the inner and outer paper of the carton are required to be different, usually:   

  The weight of the paper inside and outside is different. There are face sheets that are larger in weight than inner sheets, and others that are smaller.  

  The moisture content of the lining paper is different. Due to the different environmental humidity such as suppliers and transportation stocks, some face papers have higher moisture content than lining papers, and some have smaller ones.  

   The basis weight and moisture content of the inner and outer paper are different. One is that the surface paper has a higher quantitative weight than the lining paper, and the moisture content is higher than or smaller than that of the lining paper. The second is that the basis weight of the surface paper is smaller than that of the lining paper, and the moisture content is higher than that of the lining paper or smaller than that of the lining paper.  

  3. The moisture content of the same batch of paper is different. The moisture content of a part of the paper is greater than that of the other part of the paper or between the two ends, the outer edge side and the inner side; the moisture content of the core side is different.  

  4. Improper selection and adjustment of the length of the heating surface of the (wrapping corner) of the paper through the preheater or the length of the (wrapping corner) cannot be arbitrarily heated, which affects the effect of preheating and drying.  

  5. The steam spray device cannot be used correctly or there is no spray device on the equipment, so the humidity of the paper cannot be arbitrarily increased.  

  6. After the paper is preheated, the time for releasing moisture is insufficient or the ambient humidity is high, the ventilation is poor, and the production line speed is improper.  

  7. The amount of glue applied to the single-sided corrugator and gluing machine is improper and uneven, and the imported cardboard shrinks unevenly.  

  8. Insufficient and unstable steam pressure, damaged steam traps and other accessories, or the accumulation of water in the pipelines, which causes the preheater to not work normally and stably.

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