Market analysis of domestic brand round blade

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  Foreign enterprises pay more attention to brand maintenance, especially those well-known foreign enterprises with a history of one hundred years. At the beginning of their establishment, they do not demand the sales profit, but focus on the development of enterprises, focusing on brand building. They publicize the quality of products to customers, how to improve the production efficiency of products, and how much production cost can be reduced for customers. This brand oriented publicity strategy has laid a good foundation for the development of enterprises at the beginning.

On the contrary, domestic enterprises emphasize to attract customers with low price, pay attention to immediate interests, and play a price war, which leads to vicious competition in the cutter Market, while the low price makes the product quality cannot be guaranteed, and the final customers lose confidence in the domestic round blade. The following are the main market segments of Chinese brand segmentation round blades:

  (1) Automobile industry

  The processing features of the automobile industry are: first, mass production and assembly line production; second, relatively fixed processing conditions. In order to optimize the production, improve the quality and efficiency of constant force machinery, the automotive industry has put forward very strict requirements for the machining efficiency and service life of cutting tools. At the same time, due to the use of assembly line operation, in order to avoid the shutdown of the whole production line caused by blade change, resulting in huge economic losses, it is usually a mandatory unified tool change. This also puts forward high requirements for the stability of tool quality.

  (2) Aerospace Industry

  The machining characteristics of aerospace industry are high machining accuracy and difficult material processing. Most of the parts and components processed in this industry are made of high-temperature alloy and nickel titanium alloy (such as Inconel 718) with very high toughness and strength, which makes the imported Shanghai round blade have a great potential.

  (3)、Large turbine, steam turbine, generator and diesel engine manufacturers

  Most of the parts to be processed by these enterprises are bulky and expensive. When processing, it is very important to ensure the accuracy of the processed parts and reduce the waste products. Therefore, imported tungsten steel round blades are often used in these industries.。

  (4)、Enterprises using more CNC machine tools

  As the saying goes, "a good horse with a good saddle", in order to improve the processing efficiency and product quality, and give full play to the use efficiency of CNC machine tools, imported round blades are often used to achieve the desired results。

  (5)、foreign enterprise

  In these enterprises, they often pay more attention to the guarantee of production efficiency and quality. Since many of the equipment of foreign-funded enterprises are imported machine tools and equipment, it is natural for them to adopt the round blades of their importing countries.

  In addition, there are many other industries, such as mold industry, military industry and so on. The application of imported alloy round blades is also very common.

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