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machine knife machine blade

  Mechanical blade is a kind of mechanical knife for pencil sharpening. Most of the mechanical parts are made of carbon and alloy structural steel. When turning this kind of material, strip chips are often formed.

  Product classification:

  There are many kinds of mechanical blades, including bending machine mould, shearing machine blade, carton mechanical blade, slitting machine blade, slitting round blade, plastic grinder blade, rubber mechanical blade, textile mechanical blade, leather mechanical blade, metallurgical mechanical blade, food mechanical blade, metal mechanical blade, longitudinal slitting machine blade, trimming round blade, and other standard mechanical blades.

  Application scope:

  Widely used in metallurgical machinery, sheet metal, machinery, steel anti-theft door, automobile, aerospace, carriage, door plate, papermaking industry, light textile, metallized film, tobacco, packaging materials, B0PP film, plastic breaking, edge sealing, middle sealing, bottom sealing bag making machine, food machinery, medicine, wire, printing, papermaking, aluminum foil, metallized film, tobacco, electronics, light industry, food, BOPP thin Membrane, iron and steel metallurgy, electric power, electrical appliances, shipbuilding, leather, rubber, chemical fiber, glass fiber, textile, stationery, plastic, feed, paper tube, carton, woodworking, forestry and other industries.

  application performance:

  1. High hardness and wear resistance hardness are the basic characteristics of mechanical blade materials. If the mechanical blade wants to cut the chips from the workpiece, its hardness must be greater than that of the workpiece material. The cutting edge hardness of the mechanical blade used for cutting metal is generally above 60HRC. Wear resistance is the ability of materials to resist wear. Generally speaking, the higher the hardness of mechanical blade material, the better its wear resistance. The higher the hardness of the hard points (carbide, nitride, etc.) in the structure, the more the number, the smaller the particles and the more uniform the distribution, the better the wear resistance. The wear resistance is also related to the chemical composition, strength, microstructure and temperature of the friction zone. The formula can be used to express the wear resistance of the material WR: WR = kico.5e-0.8h1.43 where the higher the GPA e hardness is, the better the wear resistance is.

  2. Enough strength and toughness to make the mechanical blade work under great pressure and under the impact and vibration conditions which often occur in the cutting process, without the blade collapse and fracture, the mechanical blade material must have enough strength and toughness.

  3、High heat resistance (thermal stability) heat resistance is the main mark to measure the cutting performance of mechanical blade material. It refers to the mechanical blade material in high temperature conditions to maintain a certain hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness. The mechanical blade material should also have the ability of anti-oxidation at high temperature and good resistance to adhesion and diffusion, that is to say, the guard material should have good chemical stability.

  4、The better the thermal physical properties and heat-resistant impact properties, the better the thermal conductivity of the mechanical blade material, the easier the cutting heat is to disperse from the cutting area, which is conducive to reducing the cutting temperature. When the mechanical blade is cutting intermittently or using cutting fluid, it is often subjected to great thermal shock (the temperature changes violently), so there will be cracks inside the mechanical blade which will lead to fracture. The ability of mechanical blade material to resist thermal shock can only be expressed by the coefficient of thermal shock resistance. R is defined as: r = into AB (1-u) / EA formula: into - thermal conductivity; ab - tensile strength; mu - ning baisong ratio; e - modulus of elasticity; a - coefficient of thermal expansion. The large thermal conductivity makes the heat easy to dissipate and reduces the temperature gradient on the surface of the mechanical blade; the small thermal expansion coefficient can reduce the thermal deformation; the small elastic modulus can reduce the amplitude of the alternating stress caused by the thermal deformation; it is conducive to the improvement of the thermal shock resistance of the material. The cutting fluid can be used in the machining of the mechanical blade material with good heat and impact resistance.

  5、Good process performance in order to facilitate the manufacturing of mechanical blades, mechanical blade materials are required to have good process performance, such as forging performance, heat treatment performance, high temperature plastic deformation performance, grinding performance, etc.

  6、Economy economy is one of the important indicators of mechanical blade materials. Although the cost of a single piece of high-quality mechanical blade materials is very high, but because of its long service life, the cost allocated to each part is not necessarily very high. Therefore, the economic effect should be taken into account when selecting the material of mechanical blade

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