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Automatic fault detection Grinder

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  Symptom one: 
        Normally turn the knife, not sharpening. 
       Analysis and Maintenance: In the quiet environment power test machine, the correct operation of each function power switch on the front panel can be flexible. While carefully observing each function indicator lights, also destroy normal, listen carefully to the machine relays, limit switches, mechanical drive components, such as no abnormal sound, did not smell any burning. Can be identified by the above checks the control circuit is normal, then disconnect the power, open the front panel to check the internal point of failure. Energized, turn the knife motor running, but it did not move sharpening motor, remove the drive belt, immediately turn the knife action until the end of gently moving aid sharpening motor flywheel with your fingers, and the motor that can often speed operation. Measuring the motor main winding (M, C terminal) DC resistance of about 80, turn winding ((SC side) about 216, (M, S side) about 295, indicating that the motor is normal, then the side ends of the amount of start capacitor C, the capacity for positive infinity, indicating that the capacitor has been open, remove a wall look really muster a large mass. more pull with model capacitance after the test machine, the machine returned to normal work.

  Ortega Tip: Do not be prolonged power test machine sharpening occurs when such a failure, so the motor windings due to overload serious and stuffy car around the ruin.


  Symptom 2: 
        Normal sharpening, but turned the knife only choose 5s file or manual. 
        Analysis and Maintenance: Power test machine, the function switch on the front panel of the flexible action when you press 5. When the file. Meal function indicator lights on the surface, off properly. 5s after and can automatically turn the knife 'turn the knife during the disc stops turn young). When you press the 10s or 25s gear Shique only on a stop position of the knife sustained on a long-sided sharpening. But when pressed a knife can also turn a normal manual transmission. The above phenomenon can be initially identified by a failure on the level of the control circuit in front, open the front panel, the control circuit diagram Qin Jian find the key components on the switch, no Weld, sealing off, break point.


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