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Automatic circular saw blade sharpener

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     Different industries have different styles of Grinder and functional requirements, with the rapid development of woodworking machinery industry, wood products business is expected to open by the traditional hand tools see-saw has been replaced by an electric saw, electric saw blade will be a significant market, This requires the development of a new generation of high-performance circular saw blade sharpener.


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  Because the traditional circular saw blade sharpener mainly by manual operation, the control system is composed of gears, adjustable handle and slide to achieve, an operator uses a slider handle to control sharpening trip, not only labor-intensive, control accuracy not high, but prone to accidents in the course of their work. The paper carried out research and development on a circular saw blade woodworking machinery industry Grinder, to promote transformation and upgrading equipment woodworking machinery industry has great significance.
Automatic circular saw blade sharpener actuator with traditional sharpener is basically the same, the main difference lies in the system control circuit uses a programmable logic controller, which consists of a touch screen, solenoid valve, stepper motor modules and Yu move inverter and other components peripheral systems. Automatic Grinder is controlled by a programmable logic controller system user input or modify the program, the user program the programmable controller and then translated into the target program code for internal CPU unit scans, according to the input signal, according to the user target comprehensive treatment program code to generate an output signal to control the operation of the automatic sharpener order, chronological order, complete the grinding wheel blade process requirements.


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